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Step 1: Cleaning
Always get your garment dry cleaned first!

We require all clothing coming into the shop to be dry cleaned, this serves two purposes.  It keeps the other customers clothes at the shop safe, and more importantly for you it will reveal any further damage to know if it’s worth getting your garment repaired.

Step 2: Estimate
Looking it over with our trained eyes.

After sending your clothes to us we can give you a more exact estimate of what it will cost to restore them. Sometimes after dry cleaning the number of holes will double, we’re in your corner though, to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

Step 3: Repair
Our repairs will keep you looking good!

We have several weaving methods to keep your garments in shape; our French weave for small holes where we replace each thread individually, the Over weave is for larger holes where we weave a piece of fabric over it, and last but not least we also re-knit sweaters and of course all of these methods are always done by hand.

Have peace of mind
Reduce, Reuse, Reweave!

The Artistic Weave Shop

our reweavers

The Artistic Weave shop came to Wichita in 1948 from Tulsa Oklahoma.  We’ve been a family owned business since 1952. The second generation of reweavers are in the shop now and have been repairing garments for over 35 years.  We offer pick up and delivery service in Wichita KS through several fashion boutiques, men’s clothiers, and dry cleaners.  We also continue to provide mail orders.  We look forward to repairing your favorite garments and getting you looking your best!

Perfection is in the detail

Get a free
estimate via phone, video, or text.
Not all weaves are invisible

We will let you know when work will show and also provide you with samples of what it might look like finished so you can make the smart decision to repair it or not.

Save the date

Depending on the time of year the wait for repairs have been known to be up to 10 weeks. With our free estimates we’ll let you know when you can expect your garment to be ready. If it is an emergency we can discuss a rush fee.

Awesome concierge service

Our customer service is second only to the quality of our reweaving. We will provide you with the estimate in the format you find most useful. Some of our customers no longer want an estimate, they trust our judgement, others we go over each garment with them hole by hole. To continue this tradition we are now providing complimentary video estimates where we go over what will be done with your clothes.

  • Pest Expertise
    Know your enemy.

    There are several pests that eat wool.  There is the carpet beetle, clothing moths, silverfish, and mice.  We have years of experience dealing with all of them.

  • Dry Cleaning
    Clean what goes into your closet.

    We recommend dry cleaning your garments, if you get food on them, walk through a mud puddle,  or once a year if you have worn them or not, and anything new or used you put into your closet be sure to clean it.

  • Protect your closet
    Store your clothes properly.

    Dry cleaning protects wool from insects.  Keep storage areas clean and dust free.  Store your woolens carefully, we store ours air tight, ziplock bags for sweaters.

  • Expert Knowledge
    Let us pass on our years of experience to you

    It may be bad for our business but we have always tried to pass on our knowledge about caring for your garments.  Your fashions are beautiful and will last a long time if you know how to take care of them.

Check our
Easy Estimate Guide.

These are our minimum prices for the most common repairs, after we see the garment in person we will be able to give you an exact estimate before we start repairs.


Sweaters and Shirts
10 hole

Must be dry cleaned

Expert estimates

Ten dollar minimum

No double knits

M.O. + Shipping


In Men and Women's clothing
25 hole

Must be Dry Cleaned

Expert estimates

$25 and up a hole

Please Triple estimate for elbows and knees

M.O. + Shipping


Strait line tears in men's and women's clothing.
20 inch

Must be Dry Cleaned

Burns, bugs, & tears

French or Over weave

Some repairs will show

M.O. + Shipping

Artistic Weave Shop Details.

About Us

A family run business since 1952, currently being operated by the second generation.  We can repair your damaged clothing whether its burned, torn, or eaten by pests.  We do work from all over the country, for individuals, retail locations, and cleaners. We closed our retail location in 2017, but are continuing local Wichita business pick up/delivery service and mail orders.  We look forward to repairing your fashions for years to come.

Our Goals

We strive to combat the “Throw away” culture that prevails today.  We want to bring it back to the basics and promote a sustainable culture where we care for our items so they can last. Reduce, Reuse, Reweave!


Through years of practice we’ve perfected our craft, but we still learn new weaves every year honing our skills.  We’ve had a couple news paper articles written about the shop from the Wichita Eagle. And most importantly we’ve cultivated a nation wide customer base that trusts us with their finest garments.

Contact Info

We want to talk to you! Our phone number is 1-316-264-8287.  Our email address is  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Mail orders can be sent to 6505 E Central suite #119, Wichita KS 67206.

The Artistic Weave shop
thanks you for your support.

Our reweavers are based in Wichita, KS and offer several pick up and delivery locations around town.


Business like this takes more effort than doing your own.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I am Marsha and have run the Artistic Weave Shop since 1988 when my folks retired.  I learned the craft during high school from my folks.

Our Move and First Video

We posted our first video today, an example of doing an estimate on a garment for repair. Right now if you came into the shop this is similar to me